There’s always another way

I have a friend that does exceedingly well with changes and disappointment, at least compared to me. He’s as calculating as the next guy, but what amazes me is that he doesn’t get attached to any outcome. He’ll be dealing with something that would have me in a tailspin and all he’ll remark is that this is the situation, this is what needs to happen for the outcome he’d prefer, but if it doesn’t happen he’ll just have to do something else. He’ll make a gripe here and there, but mostly he just “rolls with the punches” as my grandmother used to say.
Me, on the other hand, I don’t compartmentalize my issues so well. A problem or sudden change occurs and I start reevaluating my whole life–all of it. My thoughts just spiral. It’s like I’m afraid of making a wrong decision and sending my life hurling off course. Funny thing is I can’t map out the path it’s on now, anyway.

I think what I admire most about my friend’s calm crisis demeanor is that he never loses sight of the fact that there’s always something else, or another way. Yes, it sucks when things don’t go as you expected and you don’t readily know what to do next, but these moments don’t last forever and neither should your worries. 

Sometimes the glass seems half empty, sometimes it seems half full, but at all times you can be thankful you got half a glass of water and go step by step from there.


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