Hugging the curves

Driving through Kentucky, to Tennessee, there’s a particular section of highway that curves like those roads in a car commercial. On a clear day, with the wind whipping through my hair it’s not so bad. I can see far enough head once I’m in the turns not to panic, but in the dark wee hours of the morning when unexpected sleet and snow is blustering around me in every direction like the inside of a snow globe, the last thing I want is to navigate around several twist and turns, especially one after another.

Life is truly a lot like highway, but unlike a highway, you seldom get signs and warnings as to what’s coming and once you’re in it, you just have to ride it out. You don’t pull over and ask why the turn is there, and you definitely don’t try to straighten the curves out to make life easier. 

It’s hard to accept the more trying parts of life, but whether we accept them or not they come and no amount of resistance changes that. You can’t undo an illness or speed up your body’s specific time for healing. We can’t pay off debt with money we don’t have. Can’t make people understand things their minds won’t comprehend. Can’t make someone love you if they don’t. Like when you hydroplane on a slick road, trying to go your own way causes more harm than good.

One of the benefits of learning to hug the curves of adversity is that it strengthens trust and patience. You learn to trust in God’s ability to guide you through hard times while you grow in patience instead of trying to rush through curves, which experience drivers know is not the safest thing to do.

So, next time you find yourself in a hairpin turn that threatens to send you sailing over the edge sanity, remember to slow down and hug the curves like the high performance vehicle you are.


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  1. venita says:

    Really spoke to me this morning


    1. I’m so glad! Love you, dearly. You’re in my prayers.


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