The fluidity of life

Often things seem like they’re falling apart. Things happen in our lives that shatter everything we thought we knew. We’re left dumbfounded with no clue of how to carry on. We lament what used to be, but eventually we accept what it is and began to focus on moving toward what will be.
Life is an ever changing wonder. We view it like a house of cards. We build with the hand we’re dealt, the winds of change blow and knock it all down, then we’re dealt another hand, and we rebuild, sometimes with more, sometimes with less.
I’ve learned to view life more fluidly, however. There are moments of smooth sailing, then there are moments of torrential rain and life-threatening waves. Other times, the winds are absent and we are merely adrift on a seemingly uncharted course to an unknown destination.

But, we are always moving. We make a choice by our actions whether we move toward something or simply just bob on the surface. We can be anchored in our faith or let the current take us along.  We can try to weather the storms or believe in the One who can speak and they cease.
Our lives are fleeting and no one escapes death. The things we go through will seem like the end, but when the storms pass ,and they will, we have to pause and be thankful that we have another chance to sail on.


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