Behind closed doors

Who are you behind closed doors? What’s the one thing that would destroy you if everyone found out? If someone went through the search history on your phone or laptop and posted it on your social media account would you lose “friends”?

What makes us keep secrets or hide certain behaviors? Does it mean we don’t love and accept the part of ourselves we’re trying to conceal? Do we honestly believe we’re the only ones who are hiding something? And, if we all are hiding something, do we really know who we are?

Does owning who you are mean having nothing to hide? Is there a difference between hiding something and simply keeping things to oneself? 

Why is it that the same thing that causes embarrassment to one person makes a great story for someone else? Why do failure and inadequacy make us feel so ashamed?

If all your secrets were out would you die of humiliation or finally be free to live?

Is it  embarrassing to not know the answers?


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  1. ahow22 says:

    I appreciate the questions you pose because it requires the reader to evaluate his and her private beahviors and thoughts. This entry causes me to consider the thoughts and behaviors I conceal from others.


    1. Thank you. It was exactly what I inteneded. The questions are the same, but the answers we find within may be different, but each answer is true to that person.


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