Faith of a child

Ever notice when adults give advice or look for the root of their current issues they go back to their childhood?

Have you ever seen young children removed from a negligent or abusive parent and marvel at how they cry and fight to stay with someone authorities have deemed harmful to them? 

Do you remember being a child and getting lost for hours in your favorite activities, until you were exhausted and still having to be told dinner was ready before you stopped?

Do you remember not being worried about money or food or shelter so your mind was free to entertain the impossible?

Did you ever fallout with friends, swearing to never speak to them for  a thousand infinities, but made up the same day, because that’s just what you did?

And how could you forget your favorite toy, blanket, etc.? For better or worse you never let that go.

When we’re children we believe with an awe-inspiring faith, but then something changes. Many say it’s simply that life happens, but hasn’t life been happening all along?

I believe what happens is we lose sight of our true source. We’re born helpless and totally dependent on others for our care. We quickly learned that crying out during pain and discomfort gets our needs met with no shame.  We grow in the security that we are loved and supported by those around us.
We get older and society says we have to figure it out on our own from here on out. We struggle and fail miserably. Even if we are successful by outward appearances we still struggle with feelings of inadequacy and wonder what we’re doing wrong.
We take on too much and feel alone and helpless, but unlike the days of our youth, we don’t cry out to our Heavenly Father for the help He’s eager to give.
It can be hard to regain the faith of our childhood and trust in what we can’t see or understand, but despite what the world tells us, it’s something we were born to do.


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